Donald Trump Brings James Hetfield To Tears

During a recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show, METALLICA frontman James Hetfield became tearful an interview which saw Elton John describe “Nothing Else Matters” as “one of the best songs ever written.”

“Listen, this is one of the best songs ever written, to me. It’s a song that never gets old,” John said. “And playing on this track, I just couldn’t wait. The chord structure, the melodies, the time changes, it’s got drama written all over it.”

“I have to say, it was a no-brainer playing on this song. METALLICA are probably the crème de la crème of those kind of bands. You can’t really define them. They’re not a heavy metal band. They’re a musical band. Their songs aren’t just heavy metal. They’re beautiful songs. This is such a melodic song — it’s f*cking great, actually.”

Now, creator of Metal Trump videos, YouTuber Lars von Retriever made a parody of the interview with Donald Trump saying all these nice things about “Nothing Else Matters” and it’s pure gold.

Check it out below.