Why are there so many games related to metal music?

Metal music and games

Music, video games, and gambling are three aspects that touch the most emotional part of mankind and it’s for this reason that they have been united very often.

There is a certain parallelism between the world of video games and metal music since the early 1980s.

Often the original soundtracks of video games have a strong heavy connotation, such as “Carmageddon 2”, which contains several songs by Iron Maiden and Messiah.

There are also many video games that have taken their names from famous songs.

A good example is “Eye of The Beholder”, the title of an extraordinary Metallica song, featured on their fourth studio album in 1988, which has become a very famous videogame all over the world.

Also it’s no coincidence that many rock and metal artists have written songs related, for example, to the world of casinos.

From Motörhead to Elvis Presley, passing through the Rolling Stones, there are many titles related to the game, but there are also many slots and casino games inspired by artists and bands.

Aerosmith with Deuces Are Wild and Motörhead’s Ace of Spades

Rock bands just can’t resist creating metaphors between card games, gambling, casinos, love, and sex life.

As was to be expected, also Aerosmith and Motörhead contribute to this symbiosis.

Deuces Are Wild by Aerosmith says “Cause you and I is two of a kind”, referring to the fact that video poker, which can still be found in the best online casinos, can complete any pair to win.

As casino experts with years of experience in the industry, these kinds of platforms are very popular, just like the live casinos, because they only recommend and approve the safest online casinos: the top priority is to make sure that the user has the best quality online slots readily available to every player, that’s why each casino they list undergoes a strict vetting process by their review team to ensure its licensed, fair, and secure for players.

Returning to songs related to gambling, Ace of Spades by Motörhead had a huge success among fans of heavy metal that still, even after the death of Lemmy, sing about the ace of spades. We remember that this song says verbatim that the only card you need to succeed is the ace of spades, but will it be the truth?

The great king of rock’n’roll also had a strong relationship with the world of casinos, even as an actor. In fact, in the 1964 movie “Viva Las Vegas”, Elvis Presley plays a race car driver who tries his luck in a casino to win money and buy a more competitive car.

Obviously, the soundtrack of this movie is the homonymous famous song “Viva Las Vegas”, which is practically a hymn to the city of lights where everything is possible.

Slots and games inspired by music

Jimi Hendrix
Games inspired by music

Slot games attract people from all types of backgrounds. Some are businessmen, others are musicians, students, travelers, or adventures. Yet they have one thing in common: they enjoy a good game that lets them have fun and earn some profits, whenever possible.

As mentioned above, the relationship between music and casinos is quite strong and it is also evident in slot games that we can find on different virtual platforms and in different languages.

But what are the most popular music-themed slot games?

One of the biggest developers in the world of casino games decided to create this slot game inspired by Jimi Hendrix, maybe the most famous rock guitarist in the history of music.

Take a step back into the 60s with bright colors, peace signs, and the general flower power vibe of which Jimi was such an integral part: his slot game looks like just like this scenario.

Of course, the game would not be complete without some of Jimi Hendrix’s most iconic songs, such as Purple Haze, which is perfect for a Woodstock-based experience.

In addition to the curly-haired American singer, Guns N’Roses and Motörhead have also been bands of inspiration for other level games that can be found on the net.

A small parenthesis that is slightly different from rock music is that of the great Frank Sinatra, frequenter of casinos and poker tables who in his “Luck Be a Lady”, translated as “Luck is a Woman”, expresses all the charm and risk of the game of dice.

He starred in a film based on the musical “Guys and Dolls” in which he plays the role of an American craps player. The musical won five Tony Awards in 1951 and in 1998 had one of the highest honors, getting the Grammy Hall of Fames.

In conclusion, we can say that music and gambling are passions that have always united mankind, and to be successful in both spheres requires charisma, risk-taking, and a good dose of luck.