Wife Of VEKTOR’s DAVID DISANTO Issues An Update On Legal Status Of Abuse Allegations

Vektor David Disanto

Last week, Katy DiSanto, the wife of VEKTOR vocalist/guitarist David DiSanto, has posted a minute-long video in her Instagram she filmed with her cell phone that shows David picking her up and throwing her, loudly verbally berating her and throwing a pillow at her face while she quietly cries.

She has now took to social media to provide an update on her situation, thanking the metal community for its support while assuring followers that her case is “being processed through the judicial system” and expressing hope that “With any luck, [the legal outcome] will involve David finally getting the professional help that I tried to help him get for years.”

You can read her full story below:

“Thank you to everyone who’s been supportive throughout this. I’m truly blown away by the reaction of so many people – I’m so glad the metal community has shown me the same love that I have for it. I’ll try to get back to all of your individual comments and messages as soon as I can.

“This week alone, I’ve spent 12 hours in courthouses, with more to come. I slept on a plastic bench in a police station as the sun came up. I’ve been in front of judges and back and forth to municipal buildings all over the city. I had to watch as two police officers evicted the person I tried to build a life with from our home. This isn’t just some social media posts – it’s a real situation that’s being processed through the judicial system. With any luck, it will involve David finally getting the professional help that I tried to help him get for years.

“There’s so much more to the story that I haven’t revealed publicly. What you see on the internet is just part of this.

“To anyone who has been critical, negative, threatening or otherwise vicious to me directly – these two sentences are all the attention I’m giving you. I’m happy that you nor anyone you know has been in my situation, and I sincerely hope you never have to know what it’s like.

“Thank you again.”