Wormwood – The Star Review

Theoretically, to some extent and from where I’m standing, both Melodic Death Metal and Melodic Black Metal are like the platypus, they are very weird mixes that shouldn’t exist. However, sometimes the theory doesn’t pay off as sometimes the pratice doesn’t either. There are great bands on paper that turn out to be a flunk, and there are bands never imagined on paper that turned out to be great. The same can be said about albums. In fact, it turns out that both are really surprising in terms of musicianship, creativity, and unusual melts. I have a declared passion for Melodic Death Metal and I’m developing one for Melodic Black Metal as well as we keep receiving some albums here and I review them.

Well, I suppose Wormwood with “The Star Review” can be also labeled as Progressive Black Metal, another labeling that in theory is contradictory. It wouldn’t be wrong the way I see it, but I guess Melodic Black Metal fits better to what I heard here even though the keybards on album warmer “Stjarnfall” tells otherwise. By the way, the track shows both elements strongly. I liked very much the effect of the children’s choir giving the song some innocense and, at the same time, giving it some insanely dark mood. I also liked the way as “Distant Glow” is presented with a drum fill, something in fact very unusual. The mood of the track is so dark, much darker than the usual due to the guitars and vocals. This track showcases I’m right saying the band is mostly Melodic Black Metal due to the melodic guitars that fill the song with some sad and distant melodies. In fact, Wormwood add other elements in their music as some 1980’s Gothic Rock features as the guitars in “Liminal” making it very interesting. I’ll admit I’m not a fan of 1980’s Gothic Rock, but I have to admit they do fit well.

“The Star Review” is a somewhat surprising album due to the mixes Wormwood have done here. It’s an album with lots of elements from other Metal styles and many more. I have to say those mixes made the album great making it stand out from the crowd and, at the same time, keeping the power and the aggression required in a Black Metal album.

Wormwood “The Star Review” will be released on May 31st via Black Lodge Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Stjarnfall
  2. Distant Glow
  3. Liminal
  4. Galactic Blood
  5. Thousand Doorless Rooms
  6. Suffer Existence
  7. Ro

Watch “Ro” official music video here: