Zaria – Tell the Wind Review

Ok, just to change a little the mood of this month – as we’re coming ot its end – which, by the way, was prodigal in reissues and extreme albums with some kind of very different Metal we have here an album that many will praise as the return to a standard sonancy. Zaria “Tell the Wind” brings that kind of Symphonic Metal that I do love not only due to the female vocxals but also for the melodies and extreme musicianship. This album has all the great traits Symphonic Metal has to offer the fan with great doses of Folk Metal and some Power Metal. Power Metal here comes in the way the story of the album is told from the beginning with a long epic narration. “Tell the Wind” embraces the typical fantastic and fantasy themes as well. If the fan ignores the keyboards and the some Folk Metal elements the album is very near Power Metal traits as in the theme of “Dream of a Frozen Dragon.” What could be more Power Metal than dragons and dreams?

This return to the safe and secure sonancy is always a blessing. I mean, it’s not everyday that you get home in the need of a very different Metal album to listen to. I do sometimes, but not all the time. It’s also true that I deal better with uncanny albums as I feel they are much easier to write about. But the safe and sound albums also attarct me a lot especially when it comes to a very competent album as this “Tell the Wind” and the very melodic and the beauty of the voice of Jerca Starc’s. “Tell the Wind” is the kind of album with that feling of home and everybody is homesick at times. As a point outside the curve are the guitar tones that are thicker thatn the usual with the sound that addresses to overdrive not distortion as usual. I just love that sound. The guitar solo in “Dream of a Frozen Dragon” and the initial overtones in “Warlord” tell a lot about it.

Though I said “Tell the Wind” sounds standard with no surprises at all I don’t mean the album isn’t great. To some extent this kind of album offers the security of home. That feeling of coming back to something one already knows. And that is priceless. Well, as some divertion the album shows some songs as “V senci Triglava” sang in eslovene language which is something very unsual.

Zaria “Tell the Wind” was independently released on February 18th.

Track Listing:

  1. Prophecies of Old
  2. Where Adventures Begin
  3. Evermore
  4. Prek meglic preteklosti
  5. Ko vstane jutro
  6. Gea
  7. Dream of a Frozen Dragon
  8. Warlord
  9. To Stealing, Cheating, Fighting and Drinking
  10. V senci Triglava
  11. Tell the Wind
  12. Until That Fateful Day

Watch “Tell the Wind” official lyric video here: