5 Ways to Relax on a World Tour


If you’re a musician, there’s nothing quite like getting on stage and performing to a live audience. While it’s great to perform in your home country, if you’re lucky enough to make it big overseas, a world tour may be in order. While there are invaluable benefits to touring the world and seeing new territories, being away from home, poor sleep, and a hectic schedule can lead to high-stress levels. Here are some great ways to relax and unwind during your time on the road, which can help keep stress levels at bay.

Listen to Music

To get from venue to venue, you may travel via plane, car, or have your very own tour bus. Whatever mode of transport, there will be large gaps to fill to keep you entertained and relaxed. Putting your headphones on and listening to your favorite music can be a great way to unwind. Don’t just take our word for it; research suggests that listening to music can help you feel more relaxed and upbeat. Even if you’re a heavy metal lover, putting tunes on that you love can be a fantastic stress reliever.

Play Games

While you may not have the room or patience to carry around a PlayStation or Xbox, that’s not to say you can’t play fun games while you’re touring the globe. As long as you have your smartphone, there are real money online gambling games you can play which can help you pass the time.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

When you’re traveling all over the world, your stress levels will inevitably rise. Whether it’s rushing to a venue, getting to the airport on time, or day-to-day activities, having techniques to relieve stress is essential. Many touring musicians swear by relaxation techniques such as meditation to keep calm and relaxed. If meditation isn’t your thing, why not have a go at guided imagery or deep breathing exercises? The great thing about these is you can practice them anywhere, so whether you’re about to hit the stage or need to unwind after a manic show, relaxation techniques are great ways to relax.

Watch Movies

If you’re on the tour bus and have a long-haul journey ahead, keeping yourself occupied and relaxed is key. One great way to unwind is by watching a selection of movies. Whether you’re a lover of action thrillers, or you need some comedy, you can watch a range of films that will make the time go quicker and keep you happy and upbeat.

Read a Book

For touring musicians who want to avoid technology, there’s nothing that beats an old-fashioned book. Whatever genre interests you most, immersing yourself in a book can decrease stress and help you relax while overseas.

During a world tour, you need to have moments of peace and tranquility. When you’re not on stage or rushing around, there are lots of ways you can truly relax and unwind in between shows and they can all help to lower your stress levels.