Acid Blade – Shooting Star Review

Acid Blade with “Shooting Star” could easily pass for the 1980’s real deal. Great for them, too bad for me who wrote almost a guide to recognize the 1980’s real deal sound. On my behalf, I did write it wasn’t a hard science. Well, easier sad than done.

Acid Blade released their first demo independently in May 2021, Jawbreaker Records was responsible for the release of their debut album “Power Dive” in August 2022. The record was met with great reviews and a tour through Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Denmark and Sweden followed shortly after the release.
There was no time to lose however, as Acid Blade clearly live by the motto “Strike while the iron is hot”! In April 2023 it was time to enter the studio again – this time with Jonny Astus, original drummer for the previous band incarnation Angel Blade, back behind the drum kit.

“Shooting Star” blasts four tracks that cover an especific period of Metal music history highly influenced by bands as Heavy Load and Manila Road. That means a highly emotional vocals with loud guitars heavily influenced by Judas Priest. This combination burns the unadvised who would expect a more commercial driven sound. It’s this contrast that gives Acid Blade their identity.

Commencing with the tittle track “Shooting Star,” the album gives the fan the sound of the 1980s right on. That’s the track that rightly addresses the most to Heavy Load and Manila Road. Attention to the guitars. They are the highlight of the song. Extra attention to the catchy chorus “Mercy of the Wind” has a catchy and striking main guitar riff that leaves no shadow of doubt about the band’s intent. Here vocals get a little more nasal taking any commercial intent off the table. The superb twin guitars also make no mistake where they come from. I liked the prominent bass lines giving the song more power. Now “Weeping Willow” has that ‘I’ve heard that before’ sound. Not a sin, but it sounds a bit out from the rest of the album. Grand finale “Rise From the Grave” is, from where I’m standing, the best track of the album. Any track that starts off with a drum solo deserves all the credit. Guitars and vocals fit perfectly here as they were taylored together. Its seven minute odissey takes the fan to unimagined and unknown places. Pure instrumental finesse is what my dear child of the night will find by the third and a half minute.

“Shooting Star” has only four tracks, but the spirit is to have many more.

Acid Blade “Shooting Star” was released on October 13rd via Jawbreaker Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Shooting Star
  2. Mercy of the Wind
  3. Weeping Willow
  4. Rise From the Grave

Watch “Shooting Star” official music video here: