After Forever – S/T Review

As this time around we’re talking about pioneers and subgenres shapers and reissues here we have 2007’s After Forever with their self-tittled album. Needless to point out the importance of the band to the world of Symphonic Metal and all its derivatives. That’s the reason to listen to this album and think “Hum, I have heard this before.” It’s natural to think this way because After Forever are one of the pioneers of this kind of Metal hence the similar overtones and sounds. Just remember the band was founded in 1995 with the intent to be a Death Metal. Have you already heard a band with the same history? Paralel ways, if you know what I mean. Ok, the band isn’t exactly the most original of them all but they helped a lot fixating the subgenre into fans minds. All the known, and somehow worn out, features from the subgenre are present here in a way only this band can deliver the fan. The band is also famous for presenting to the world a girl with a shy and weak voice named Floor Jansen – lots of irony here, huh! – who would join one of the giants of the subgenre named Nightwish. The rest is history.

Here we have a band in its peak. The cohesive music After Forever showcase here is the stapler of their career. The Symphonic Metal mix presented here works real fine. All the constrasts I love in this of music are here. Operatic female vocals with some harsh male vocals, intriguing and prominent keyboards constrasting with the power of the guitars, sweet and clean melodies to shine with the beautiful Floor Hansen’s vocals, classical music features mixed with the power of Heavy Metal. They are all here. Just pick yours. To the best of my knowledge, “After Forever” reaches its peak at tracks as “Dreamflight” with its 1970s Emerson, Lake, and Palmer’s keyboarding and “Empty Memories” where Floor Jensen’s vocals reach its best with the elestronic effects that woul some kind of stapler of today’s most top notch Symphonic Metal bands. Remember “After Forever” was released in 2007. By the way, listen to the oriental music effects in “Sweet Enclosure” and see how up to date they are.

It’s okay not to like or sympathize with After Forever and their music. But it’s impossible to say that they were a very influential band in their style. Ok, again, they weren’t the most original band of their style but they had their time. Thanks to Floor Jensen’s vocals I must say.

After Forever S/T will be released on May 27th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Discord
  2. Evoke
  3. Transitory
  4. Energize Me
  5. Equally Destructive
  6. Withering Time
  7. De Energized
  8. Cry with a Smile
  9. Envision
  10. Who I Am
  11. Dreamflight
  12. Empty Memories
  13. Lonely
  14. Sweet Enclosure

Watch “Energize Me” official music video here: