All OZZY OSBOURNE Wants ‘Is Just One More Show’, Says His Daughter

Ozzy Osbourne 2020 interview

Ozzy Osbourne is deeply saddened that he will be unable to perform at the upcoming Power Trip Festival due to ongoing health issues.

Osbourne was slated to co-headline the festival alongside other legendary bands like METALLICA, AC/DC, IRON MAIDEN and GUNS N’ ROSES, but has had to withdraw from the event. JUDAS PRIEST has been selected as his replacement. Despite his disappointment, Osbourne is committed to his fans and insists on only performing when he can meet their expectations.

In a recent conversation with Rolling Stone, while discussing the forthcoming “The Osbournes” podcast, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne shared their thoughts on Ozzy‘s “heartbreaking” decision to withdraw from the Power Trip this summer.

Kelly said: “We can’t talk about it in the house because it is just so heartbreaking to see that all he wants is just one more show.”

Sharon added: “And Ozzy wants to be on that show with all his friends. It’s heartbreaking for him to see everybody going on, and he’s just left behind.”

Kelly continued: “He could do it right now if he sat in a chair because the voice is there; there’s nothing wrong with the voice.”

“But he won’t do it,” Sharon interjected.

“He said that if he can’t give his fans what they paid to see, he won’t do it,” Kelly further added. “There is nobody that loves their friends as much as Dad does.”