AMON AMARTH’s Bassist TED LUNDSTROM Explains The Band’s Name

Band’s names are one of most unsolved mysteries of the universe. Once in a while comes a band member to explain, or to try to, the band’s name. Here we have Amon Amarth’s bassist Ted Lundstrom explaining their name. He’s nailed it – I guess.

“It actually means Mount Doom in some kind of elvish language. I don’t really know why we took it, we just needed a name and thought it sounded cool and had a cool meaning to it. Once you have a name and start to release stuff, you have to keep it.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Ted talked about the band’s creative process, saying that he doesn’t “really write the riffs,” attributing the riff-composing role to Olavi Mikkonen and Johan Soderberg. He added:

“I give my thoughts and ideas on how you can do it and put it together; I try to give Johan [Hegg, vocals] ideas what kind of lyrics would be cool to have. I don’t really contribute to riffs or lyrics in that way; I’m more of a guy who comes up with album covers ideas or merchandise ideas, that kind of stuff.”

Lundstrom also talked about the longevity of Amon Amarth, replying when asked how the guys managed to stick around since 1992:

“I don’t know. I mean, in the past, there was a lot of alcohol, but I think that we’ve had the same lineup for a long time, we all have the same goals and we want to do the same stuff about music. It’s been very easy, as long as we can all focus on the same goal, it’s very easy to keep together. “