ANGUS YOUNG On PHIL RUDD’s Status With AC/DC: ‘It’s Something We’ve Gotta Get Resolved’


In a new interview with Australia’s Triple M, AC/DC’s Angus Young and Brian Johnson talk about ousted drummer Phil Rudd and the pressure to fill the drum-stool prior to their 2015 tour.

Young told Triple M: “Phil is in a strange place and a strange situation. I know he’s living in New Zealand, but it’s something we’ve gotta get resolved. If we’re going forward, we’ve gotta get something resolved.”

He continued: “We had a few problems [with Phil] ourselves before he got into this situation, because there was a lot of strange behavior going on, which I guess you could put it down to him not showing up for a lot of what we were doing.” You can check entire chat below.

Phil Rudd was arrested for attempting to procure the murder of two men and possession of meth and marijuana. The first charge was dropped, but he still faces seven years in prison for the others.

Rock or Bust will be the band’s first album without founding member and rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young, who left the band in 2014 for health reasons. Malcolm’s departure was later clarified by the band and their management, saying that Malcolm was officially diagnosed with dementia and will possibly never play again.