Ardent Nova – Ardent Nova Review

That Melodic Death Metal is my favorite Extreme Metal subgenre is no news to my child of the night. Even more a band with so sharp guitars and a taste of the great legends of Old School Heavy Metal Running Wild. It’s no news either that the guitars are the highlight of all Melodic Death Metal bands, but what Ardent Nova do here is really out nof the ordinary. It’s very hard to believe that Ardent Nova are a project with only two members; Mike Pardi who plays the guitar, the bass, does the vocals and even some keyboards and  Ryan Gallagher who plays the drums. That’s really incredible. It’s really interesting how the band mixes the spirits of Old School Heavy Metal with the power and cruelty of Death Metal. The melt of both they did here is really that jumps to the eye of my dear fan.

“Ardent Nova” welcomes the fan with an intro that is really out of the spirit of the album. The track starts with some classical music features and things. Listening to the intro it’s hard to believe in what is coming next. A Power Metal band wouldn’t do it better, if you know what I mean. I find it very peculiar how some sonancies are directly linked to some genres. This orchestral intro is the purest Power Metal intro ever. any Power Metal band of this sad and lonely and pethetic little planet would like to have it for their own. More interestingly, aside vocals “Rise From the Ashes” has the taste of Power Metal. I liked very much the clean sound of the guitars. By clean I mean that the sound is clear. It’s absurd the amount of energy and emotion the track passes my dear fan in each second of it. Following track “Pagan Thunder” is the one which raises the eyebrows to Running Wild. The track has a strong taste of the Running Wild’s early years before the piracy took over. The guitars sound too near. “Stronger Than Time” follows the lead with even sharpiest guitars.

I know that I’m suspicious to write about a Melodic Death Metal album, but this “Ardent Nova” is really great. The kind of album fans of Melodic Death Metal and Old School Heavy Metal will devour. Give it a try. It’s worth it. It’s always great to listen to Melodic Death Metal album that doesn’t sound as the mighty Amon Amarth.

Ardent Nova “Ardent Nova” will be released on March 17th via Wise Blood Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro

  2. Rise From the Ashes

  3. Pagan Thunder

  4. Stronger Than Time

  5. Sound the Horns

  6. Chieftain

  7. In Darkest Ages

  8. Ardent Nova
  9. Eternal Liberty

Watch “Pagan Thunder” official lyric video here: