Arizona Vehicles Can Now Sport An ALICE COOPER License Plate

Alice Cooper Vehicle Plate

The Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division has unveiled Alice Cooper‘s Solid Rock as one of the five novel specialty license plates.

These are available in addition to over 90 other specialty plates that you can browse through and order from and The other new offerings include Arizona Realtors Homes For All, Cancer Support For Families, Diné College Warriors, and U.S. Army.

“We know that people who choose specialty license plates for their vehicles take pride in displaying their connection to these community organizations,” MVD director Eric Jorgensen said. “MVD is pleased that we can partner with the various organizations dedicated to helping Arizonans.”

The majority of specialty license plates in Arizona are priced at $25 annually. From this amount, $17 is allocated to a specific charity or non-profit organization. In the fiscal year concluding on June 30, the sale of these specialty plates generated over $12 million in support of various charitable causes and initiatives.

The specialty plates, sanctioned by the Arizona legislature and available since 1989, undergo a rigorous review process by ADOT and law enforcement. For an extra $25 per annum, individuals have the option to personalize their plates.

Specifically, the Alice Cooper‘s Solid Rock specialty plate aids in funding free programs in art, music, and dance for all youths at Alice Cooper‘s Solid Rock Teen Centers situated in Phoenix and Mesa. The designated $17 from each plate sale contributes to creating a secure environment for teenagers aged 12 to 20, where they can engage in constructive activities and receive mentorship, along with free lessons and opportunities in music, art, dance, photography, and recording studio.

Alice Cooper commented: “Arizona is known for great sunsets, cactus, the best Mexican food, monsoons and, now, an Alice Cooper specialty license plate. More importantly, this specialty plate will assist Solid Rock Teen Centers in providing free music, art and dance programs to all Arizona teenagers. We hope that many of my fellow Arizona neighbors will get this specialty plate for their cars and motorcycles to support teens in Arizona.”