ARTACH Unleash Music Video For New Single ‘Shimmer’


Coming from the coldest, windiest, snowiest, and foggiest city in Canada, St. John’s, Newfoundland’s ARTACH is heavily influenced by nature and even takes after the bleak climate they are surrounded by. The result of months of winter provides inspiration for their raw, epic black metal that is in their new album Sworn to Avenge, which is now available via Depressive Illusions Records as of June 25th.

As described by ARTACH, their music is angry, savage, unhinged, but contains melody and some twists and turns to surprise the listener. Varied song tempos mixing blasting with thrashy, punky, doomy elements keep the sounds interesting and not monotone. They go into further detail about releasing their new music video for “Shimmer” for the full length’s release day:

Lyrically, this one is more descriptive and doesn’t have any hidden meanings. Those shimmering and dancing lights of the Aurora Borealis can be seen even here in Newfoundland, but further north they look magnificent. There’s a spoken part in this one taken from a part of a poem by David Vedder (1790-1854) that was written about the Northern Lights. Musically this one is one of the more black metal sounding songs with lots of blast beats but as always, tempered with melody and hand-banging riffage.”

Check out the new video below:

Coming from the coldest, windiest, snowiest, foggiest city in Canada, ARTACHs music is heavily influenced by nature and even takes after the bleak climate they are surrounded by. Sworn to Avenge is an inescapable, cold and at times unhinged grimness. Raw aggression tempered with bouts of melody evoking the grandmasters of the genre while incorporating first and second wave black metal influences.

Raw and epic black metal, ARTACH is recommended listening for fans of Immortal, Celtic Frost, and Darkthrone. 

Sworn to Avenge is due to being released on June 25th via Depressive Illusions.

Track Listing:
1. Tuiteam an Duine (7:08)
2. Ice Throne (5:09)
3. Shimmer (6:35)
4. Endless Tundra (21:35)
5. Into the Frozen Woodlands (4:49)
6. She Gathers Leaves (5:25)
7. Mistress of Black Thorns (6:24)
8. Winter’s End (8:14)