Aussie Half-Naked ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Rebel’ Arrested

Rock 'N' Roll Lebel

A South Australian musician, who has similar stage mannerism’s as Slash but without the wardrobe, has been arrested while performing half-naked in his driveway after allegedly failing to comply with an environment protection order following noise complaints, according to

The musician, who calls himself Subblet Hammer or Subb, was arrested by SA Police on June 13 after he was issued with the environment protection order and directed not to perform for 72 hours the day prior.

Video footage of the arrest shows the half-naked man singing and playing his guitar, before a handful of officers walked up to him and pulled the plug on the music.

A petition was set up bu Subb under the name SUBB’S WORLD, asking for 1500 signatures to “seek justice.” You can check it out here.

“The video clearly shows they unjustifiably used a forceful approach,” Subb wrote on his petition page.

“Their appalling display of authority was a clear tactic of intimidation to suppress the man’s rights to express himself using his music.”