Baldrs Draumar – Aldgillissoan

bd-front-def-300x300 When it comes down to folk metal usually we (meaning people like me) think of metal, yes, but then there’s also the addition of flutes, lyres, and all that good stuff in addition to the guitars, drums, and vocals that have a wide range for their genre, and while I will say that Baldrs Draumar doesn’t have all  of that they do have a great sound that will have folk metal fans everywhere clapping in approval as I did.

“Aldgillissoan” is a much more heavier folk metal album than what is generally known with there not being as many alternate sources of music (flutes, lyres, etc.) as there are, but the vocals are definitely heavier than “normal” folk metal vocals and brings a sort of new dynamic to their music.

Now there is still that feel of folk metal that really takes you back in time with “Aldgillissoan” so if you’re thinking this album will be missing that then no need to be disappointed because this album has all of that in copious amounts.

“Aldgillissoan” releases on April 18th and you can stream the track “Keningsting” right below.


Track Listing:

  1. Iselhiem
  2. Koppen yn ‘e mist
  3. Wolvetiid
  4. Fredou
  5. Yn ‘e meahal
  6. In skym yn it tsjuster
  7. Keningsting
  8. By ‘ty en thuner
  9. Hel as himmel
  10. Stoarm oer de streamen
  11. Ünder it skyld
  12. Hadagrims fertriet