BEHEMOTH Recruits Children Choir For New Song (Video)

BEHEMOTH‘s frontman Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski has released a video on his Instagram page of him singing with a children choir, apparently rehearsing for a track for band’s upcoming album.

Nergal comments on video: “Well, one thing I know for a fact. I LOVE children and animals. And they seem to return that love. I might be hated by PIS-followers and catholics of all kind but somehow I feed on their obscurity and ignorance… soooo, bring it on f**kers!?Either way, we are exploring some ideas for the new BEHEMOTH album that r rather spectacular I would say… be patient, both fans and our haters. You WILL receive us well VERY soon… PS. I would love to thank all the kids for the passion they delivered and all their parents for such a liberal upbringing… hands down!”