BLASTED HEATH Release ‘Vela’

Wise Blood Records presents the debut LP from Indianapolis black metal/thrash cosmonauts BLASTED HEATH.

“Vela” is a blast of blackened chaos from distant galaxies, mastered by death metal legend Dan Swanö (EDGE OF SANITY,  BLOODBATH). Imagine early BATHORY mixed with DARKTHRONE’s grim eclecticism and BLACK BREATH’s punk grime. Mutate that sound with Lovecraftian psychedelia and you get this unforgettable album.

According to the band, the lyrical concepts project “a deep fascination with outer space phenomena mixed with a certain existential dread.” Between world-ending riffs, BLASTED HEATH populate their songs with Killanovas and celestial beasts. “Vela” will rocket you into the perilous darkness of deep space on August 12th. Out on CD, Cassette, and Digital from Wise Blood Records.

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Kyle Shumaker – Guitars/Vocals
Billy DeRocker – Guitars
Joe Clark – Bass
Conrad Cotterman – Drums

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