BRIAN MAY Discusses The Potential End Of QUEEN: ‘How Long Can We Do This?’

Queen + Adam Lambert

In a recent discussion with Planet Rock, legendary QUEEN guitarist Brian May shed some light on whether their impending tour could be their final one.

He offered his thoughts on the potential shelf life of the band by elaborating: “Y’know it always feels a bit that way. It’s like, how long can we do this?

“I don’t know how long my legs will deal with what I have to do out there, and the hands too,” he continued. “You get problems as you get older, which you don’t really want to talk about, but it makes doing what you do that bit harder every time.

“I don’t want people to be thinking about that when they see me doing my stuff because I will be over it – adrenaline will take over and I’ll be able to handle it. But there will come a day when we can’t, it ain’t gonna work. For the time being, if we can do it we do it.”

The QUEEN + Adam Lambert tour, dubbed “We Will Rock You One More Time,” is set to kick off in the United States in October, with a brief stint in Japan slated for early 2024. May and Taylor have characterized this Japanese tour as possibly being “the last time… who knows?”