By Fire and Sword – Glory Review

Can you, my dear child of the night, imagine a band with an Epic Old School instrumentals with Prog Rock vocals?

I know, I know it’s not the most updated mix, but believe me By Fire and Sword with “Glory” give the fan this exact first impression. Truth be told, I’m telling this because the effect of The Reverend’s vocals with the instrumentals is so outstanding that raises the eyebrowns. I mean, that contrast that I always talk about between the distorted fast guitars with the clean vocals. It’s something like the missing link between Iron Maiden instrumentals and Yes’ John Anderson’s vocals.

“Glory” commences with the moody paced guitars of “Leave a Little Room” with the John Anderson’s vocals. Following track “Fear and Trembling” delivers faster Speed Metal inspired guitars with some frentic, yet simple, drumming. But it’s with “The Feast” the contrast gets even stronger as the thick guitars contrast a lot with vocals. The almost doomy guitars acquire an extra weight in contrast with the vocals. I liked a lot the twin guitars in the middle of the song giving an extra layer of melody.

I was trying to avoid the term White Metal to By Fire and Sword and “Glory” but I guess it’s almost impossible. Their positive message shows that Metal music is so plastic that can accommodate a myriad of messages.

By Fire and Sword “Glory” will be released on September 22nd via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Leave a Little Room
  2. Fear and Trembling
  3. The Feast
  4. Tap the Conduit
  5. Tithe (The Money Song)
  6. Glory, Love and Light!
  7. A Moment of Silent Reflection
  8. Mind, Body, Soul (Total War)
  9. The Flood

Watch “Leave a Little Room” official lyric video here: