Cainites – Revenant Review

Hmm, “Revenant” is a concept album about an old Orthodox priest who became a vampire against his will. A controversial, cruel and yet fascinating character, oscillating between a sense of abandonment by the divine and the manifestation of a faith that is still present, with continuous pleas to God to stop him from his relentless bloodshed – yearning for a redemption that cannot be reached. Very interesting idea. And it goes on telling that two vampire priests have risen from the deepest blackness: through their dark, gloomy melodic death metal – heavily influenced by the British and Scandinavian masters with a creepy Mediterranean twist too – Cainites create their own mystique, portraying the bloody mark they have to carry. Yeah, very interesting.

In fact, “Revenant” is an album that will surprise my dear child of the night not only for the initial main idea, but also for the delivered real music. In general, albums with a conception based on stories are somehow very difficult to fit the music into the story. A Metal musician has to fit the idea into Metal music world to give it a Metal intent. Well, I believe all emotions are possible to be metalized. Cainites did it with perfection here. “Revenant” is a true Metal album which expresses a story. It’s possible to feel the characters throughout the album with an accurate precision. Possibly, that happened because the band turned their music flexible enough to fit everything they had in mind. Melodic Death Metal allows it because, in a very simple way, Melodic Death Metal is Death Metal vocals with Old School Heavy Metal instrumentals. Hold your horses, I said in a very simple way. However, the music here in “Revenant” proves me right. By Old School Heavy Metal it’s understood all the possible diversity 1980’s Old School Heavy Metal presented. “Revenant” delivers it by far. My dear child of the night won’t find any song with a Death Metal grip. No one. From album warmer “Darkness Awaits” to grand finale “Redemption” what my dear child of the night will find is an album close enough to what King Diamond and Merciful Faith used to do. Unlikely, I feel some modern Metal bands as Death SS and Lordi as inspirations as well. “Forsaken” tells so. If you don1’t believe me just listen to album and enjoy.

Cainites “Revenant” will be released on June 21st via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Darkness Awaits
  2. Theotokos
  3. Vampire God
  4. God’s Wrath
  5. We Lost Our Sanctity
  6. Forgive Our Sins
  7. Cainites
  8. Embrace
  9. Forsaken
  10. Redemption

Watch “Darkness Awaits” official video here:

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