CORPSE OV CHRIST Reveals Cover Of The New Album ‘Whispering Dreams’

Black Metal band CORPSE OV CHRIST began releasing new information about the long awaited new album.

Titled ‘Whispering Dreams’, the second full length had its cover and title released by the group on its official Facebook page. Designed by guitarist and vocalist Baal Beherith, and digitized by Pablo Rodrigues, the technique used in the art of work was dry pastel chalk. The musician and draftsman commented on the work and its conception:

“Do you know that dream, which now gives you hunger, fear, pleasure? Do you keep whispering in your head all day? Do you know that discouragement that beats the times – which today is called ‘bad’? That will to die, to kill? That enlightenment about religion, but does fear of punishment drive you back? It’s WHISPERING DREAMS! And that’s what I tried to convey in this drawing. “

‘Whispering Dreams’ is the third album by CORPSE OV CHRIST – featuring the first EP ‘Supreme God’s Revolt …’ – and its release, scheduled for the second half of 2017, will feature the support of SANGUE FRIO RECORDS in the physical and digital distribution. The material is being recorded and produced in São Paulo/Brazil by the band itself.