CRIPTA BLUE Sign Deal With Argonauta Records For Their Upcoming Debut Album

Hailing from Ravenna, Italy, up & coming heavy psych rock trio CRIPTA BLUE has inked a worlwide record deal with Argonauta Records for the release of their debut album coming in September 2021!

CRIPTA BLUE were formed in 2019 by members of bands like Desert Wizard, Thrash act Rising Dark and Talismanstone. Being no strangers to the heavy music scene and following their noisy musical passion, the trio plays a revitalizing blend of psych rock, brutal heavy blues and old school sounds of the NWOBHM doom rock era between Blue Cheer, May Blitz and Saint Vitus. The baritone voice of bassist and vocalist Andrea Giuliani are shrouded by acid and fuzz rock soundscapes, full of power blues with the soul of doom.

CRIPTA BLUE‘s first and self-titled album is slated for a release in September through Argonauta Records, and one can only sense, this debut may be a strong contender for several Best-Of 2021 lists. Watch out for many more updates and first album singles to follow in the weeks ahead!

Andrea Giuliani – Vocals / Bass
Federico Bocchini – Guitar
Silvio Dalla Valle – Drums