DARK O METAL FEST: The Biggest Metal Festival In Croatia Coming Up


After the exceptionally successful first two years of the Dark O Metal Fest, the third edition of the festival will shake Croatia and its surroundings in its strongest edition so far. In mid-August, on the well known location of the former paper factory Hartera, Dark O Metal Fest steps it up with an exceptionally interesting and rich program, humanitarian projects, lasting an extra day longer, camping, discounts for railroad travel, tours and walks in the nature, hosting various associations, free transfer to nearby beaches and most importantly: two world famous metal bands along with carefully selected bands from the Croatian alternative scene.


Dark O Metal fest proudly presents the headliners of the festival – legendary gore trash death band SCHIRENC PLAYS PUNGENT STENCH, death metal gods GOD DETHRONED and also a special return of the Croatian industrial scene giants – the one and only, the inimitable ONE PIECE PUZZLE.
Apart from the headliners, the festival organizators have carefully selected other bands, and attempted to include all the subgenres of the heavy music just like the previous years, giving all visitors the best Croatia has to offer.

17 bands will be introduced to the visitors in three days, some of which are Infernal Tenebra from Pula, Stribog from Zagreb, Black Cult from Rijeka, Bad Blood from Čakovac, Essence from Split and Chaos Addict from Slavonski Brod with which famous Croatian hard rock singer Dino Jelušić will perform instead of their usual lead singer Zoran Mišić.

Along with the great names, less known but no less important are Inside My Casket, LIV, Anger, Voloh, Flesh, Dropthehammer, Speedclaw, Neglected, Voltage and Dark Omen.


Apart from the main program, all metal fans will be able to enjoy an abundance of activities and features of the festival which offers various cultural and entertainment programs. After the concerts, on the well known Hartera terrace, all the visitors will be entertained by DJ JesteRi and Muff-In‘s Iron Maiden Party and Glam Party. The spectacular fire shows by the Red Rays will heat us up this year too, and they will be joined by the famous artist Davor Dundara with his bizarre performance and Dajana Rakić, pole dancer from Rijeka. Along with these two extra floors, this year Fun room will also open its door – a room where the visitors can play table soccer, pinball and compete in two contests – Tekken and hitting the punching bag.

GLAM FLOOR ● (Hartera Terrace– 5 PM-5 AM)

During the first evening, after the band performances, the visitors will be entertained until the early morning hours at our Iron Maiden Party featuring the greatest hits of Heavy Metal music; second and third night mark the return of the GLAM FLOOR to Dark O Metal Fest for all the fans of glitter, bouffant hair, long legs and cocktails . You can expect the best choice of heavy, glam metal/rock music played by the best DJ’s – JesteRi and Muff-In, the leader of the floor. Just like last year, JesteRi, big fans of In Flames (hence their name), will transform into real glam-lunatics just for this Festival, playing hits of the bands such as Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Poison and many others.


To maximize the fun at Dark O Metal Fest we have another special floor in the form of a fun room, where you can find foosball, pinball machines, a boxing bag, a PlayStation, and screenings of movies, music videos and concerts.

During the festival two contests will take place: a boxing-bag punching competition and a Tekken competition where you can win great prizes.

  1. Saturday and Sunday, Fun Room, 5 PM: Tekken competition – the winner gets lots of booze at the bar.
  2. During the evenings a boxing-bag (boxing machine) punching competition will be held. The one that punches the closest to 666 wins a case of Monster energy drink and other booze.

Anyone interested can sign up into the Fun Room during the festival.

These young street artists are preparing yet another spectacular show for all visitors. After last year’s performance at Dark O Metal Fest, Red Rays have formed a small club and gone from simply entertaining to performing majestic, creative shows. This intriguing crew from Rijeka was formed in 2012. Their shows are fiery, creative and diverse, and tend to include elements of theatre, dance and mime. In breaks between bands they’ll be throwing a show you should absolutely not miss: Red Rays will heat us up with props such as fire pois, torches, hoops, fans, contact staffs and fire breathing.

Performance: Davor Dundara

The controversial audiovisual artist and performer from Rijeka, Davor Dundara, has been part of various art projects since 1995. His work is characterized by multimediality, spontaneity, automatism, individuality, and bizarre and eccentric aesthetics. His works were part of numerous group and solo exhibitions; he even performed on the streets of Berlin and Amsterdam. In his (mostly unplanned) performances he undergoes monstrous ritual transformations, in which his body becomes a media of artistic expression best described as impulsive and automatic mixed with the aesthetic of absurdity.

Pole dancing

During the evenings, concert goers will have a chance to enjoy special pole dance acts by Dajana, a young performer who’s been pole dancing recreationally for two years, and loves to mix dancing with rock and metal music. She will be treating us to a visually appealing, sexy and daring show multiple times through the duration of the festival.


Due to the bad state of Hartera’s big hall, camping grounds will be relocated to a special area of the terrace, and the former location will be closed for public. The concrete floors make it impossible to use tent pegs, so campers are advised to make sure they have tents that don’t require pegging. It is also best if the tents are waterproof, and campers should take sleeping bags and/or mats for as much comfort as possible. This year the camp will also have showers to make our campers’ stay more convenient and hygienic.

CAMPING SPOTS NEED TO BE RESERVED IN ADVANCE, and entry to the camp grounds is only permitted with special passes to ensure maximum security of the campers. You can reserve your camp passes until August 10th 2016 via e-mail: [email protected] (titled CAMP RESERVATIONS). The e-mail must contain full name and surname of all users of the tent and their addresses and phone numbers.

NOTE: the camp opens on Friday at 7 PM and closes on Monday at 10 AM.


K.D. Autotrolej will be providing daily transport from Hartera to Pećine beaches for everyone attending the festival. The bus leaves on Saturday and Sunday at noon from the festival ground’s entrance, and returns from Pećine around 5 PM, stopping at the beginning of Ružićeva street around 5.10 PM in case any of the visitors don’t feel like walking all the way to Hartera (and of course, if there’s room on the bus).

*Campers have the primacy when it comes to getting a spot on the bus.

Railway Transport to Dark O Metal Fest

Once again Dark O Metal Fest’s official transporter is HŽ Putnički Prijevoz. All visitors are entitled to a 40% discount when buying a train ticket from August 11th to midnight, August 15th. The discount also applies to Slovenian citizens for a return ticket to Rijeka from any Slovenian Railways station.

IMPORTANT: all passengers are required to keep their festival ticket and show it to the conductor. The discount applies only to return tickets from places over 25 km from Rijeka.

*Additional payments may apply: high-speed rail 4.20 kn; IC train 10.80 kn + 8 kn obligatory reservation

It’s more comfortable and environmentally friendly to go by train.

Friday: 35kn / 5€
Saturday: 60kn / 8€
Sunday: 60kn / 8€
Festival tickets: 100kn / 13€

At the entrance:
Friday : 35kn / 5€
Saturday: 70kn /10€
Sunday: 70kn / 10€
Festival tickets: 120kn / 16€

Visitors will find the tickets in advance in music shops and online sales, and info on the pre-sales sites will soon be out on the official website. Also, you can buy them here.

The festival gates open at 5 PM on all three days of the festival.

For more information visit this location.