DAVE LOMBARDO Is ‘F**king Sick And Tired’ Of Answering Questions About His Split With SLAYER


Niclas Müller-Hansen of RockSverige.se recently conducted an interview with former SLAYER and current PHILM drummer Dave Lombardo. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

RockSverige.se: Do you consider Philm your main band now?

Dave: Yes, it´s my main band and my focus. I might venture off and do another project, but it´s not something that´s gonna take me away from Philm at this point. This is my focus right now. I´m not only playing the drums, I´m also producing it and I´m very much part of the songwriting.

RockSverige.se: About SLAYER, can you pinpoint a time when it became more business than camaraderie?

Dave: Well, I think I realized that it became more business when we signed with Def Jam. We signed to a major label and they were asking us for our social security numbers and we had accountants and we were appointed a manager. It changed, it definitely changed, but that’s normal if you’re gonna work at that level. You need these people to help the machine grow.

RockSverige.se: Looking back, there’s gotta be a favorite SLAYER album of yours?

Dave: I have two favorites. The first one, obviously, which I can’t argue with everybody, is “Reign In Blood”. That is the most amazing album and one of the most amazing albums I’ve ever recorded and been a part of. The second one is “World Painted Blood”, and the reason why is because the band was working collectively in the rehearsal studio and Jeff [Hanneman, late SLAYER guitarist] was part of it. He really wasn’t too much a part of “Christ Illusion”, although he was there, but I don’t think the amount of songs that he contributed were enough to make that album one of the better ones. With “World Painted Blood”, he was part of that and I remember being in rehearsal and him being a big part of structuring and telling me, “Try this, Dave,” and “Gimme some of that,” and, “Gimme some of this,” giving me ideas. Those two really stand out. “World Painted Blood” was our last big push.

RockSverige.se: How do you feel about never playing SLAYER songs again? Can you see yourself not doing that?

Dave: Ehhmm… Okay, here we go. I answer this f**king question, and next thing you know, Blabbermouth is all, “He doesn’t see himself playing SLAYER songs ever again,” and out of the entire f**king interview, that one f**king line is taken. I’m not answering it! I’m not gonna answer it, because I’m f**king sick and tired of it. No offense toward you, but it’s just so redundant. But you know what? Good press, bad press, I don’t give a f**k. Just spell my name right. [laughs] It’s all good, but I don’t wanna get into that.

RockSverige.se: I spoke to Mike Portnoy a few weeks ago and he said that since leaving DREAM THEATER, he feels a lot more musically satisfied. Do you feel the same way, not being part of a bigger band? Does it open up a lot of new oppertunitues?

Dave: Absolutely! You’re not part of this machine that has to go on tour 90 days or 100 days out of the year, to pay for other people’s mortages. With [the freedom to pursue other projects], you’re doing it for yourself and it’s creativity based on what you like. You express yourself in many different ways and it’s definitely more satisfying and challenging too. You’re not with the same guys and the same formula and you’re challenged by walking into a room with these new artists and it’s, like, ‘Okay, how am I gonna make this work?’ It’s great, and I agree with Mike. It’s a whole different light when you’re out of your element.

Read the entire interview at RockSverige.se.