DAVE MUSTAINE Calls Out Security For ‘Bullying’ Fan At MEGADETH’s Concert In Bloomington (Video)

Dave Mustaine vs security

During MEGADETH‘s recent concert in Bloomington, Illinois, frontman Dave Mustaine halted the performance to defend a fan who was being harassed by security personnel.

The incident occurred right before the conclusion of “Symphony of Destruction,” the second-to-last song of their set at Grossinger Motors Arena. Mustaine took a moment amidst the song to reprimand a group of security guards for their behavior towards a member of the audience.

“I’m not gonna play anymore until those guys are escorted out of the building, so just hang on a second,” Mustaine told the audience.

Addressing the security guards directly, he continued: “That was so f**kin’ unnecessary. That was so f**kin’ unnecessary, you guys. You’re supposed to make… What’s on the back of your shirt? Safety? It should say, ‘No F**kin Safety’, because you guys are punks, and you shouldn’t have f**kin hit that guy. Four of you on one guy. What a bunch of p**sies… Get ’em out of here or I’m leaving. I don’t wanna f**king hear that they’re in the back. I want them out of here.”

Following the removal of the security guards involved in the incident, Mustaine retook the stage, picked up the microphone and said: “These motherf**kers wrecked my song,” before adding, “Sorry, that stuff just makes me so mad. I hate bullies. I f**king hate bullies.”