DAVID CROSBY Calls IRON MAIDEN “Noise”, Twitter Erupts

David Crosby Iron Maiden

David Crosby is no stranger to controversy, but his latest comments about IRON MAIDEN may have taken things a little too far. On Tuesday night (October 22), the singer-songwriter took to Twitter to describe IRON MAIDEN as “noise”, prompting a wave of backlash from the metal community. Many fans were quick to defend IRON MAIDEN and call Crosby out for his uninformed opinion.

Replying to a Tweet from guitarist and good friend Vin Downes celebrating his first IRON MAIDEN show since 1986 (Downes noted: “they’re still as tight as ever [and] put on an amazing show”), Crosby remarked, “It’s so weird to me that you like that noise.”

TESTAMENT guitarist Alex Skolnick suggested that Crosby should perhaps go witness a MAIDEN show for himself to fully understand their appeal and power.

David, it has to be experienced live,” Skolnick Tweeted. “The energy is contagious. Let Vin Downes drag you to one of their shows sometime. You might be surprised!”

Despite his long career in the music industry, David Crosby has never been a fan of heavy metal, and it seems that he still doesn’t quite understand the appeal of this popular genre.