DAWN OF DISEASE Release Audio Premiere For Track ‘The Saviour’s Tomb’


It’s no secret that DAWN OF DISEASE have been highly influenced by old school Swedish Death Metal: a healthy dose of Scandinavian rawness will worm its way into every tune, but in the past couple of years these Germans have started to conquer new shores. With their upcoming full length album “Worship The Grave” these guys have also infused their third assault with unbound guitar solos and more dynamic vocals than ever before – the result might be the most intense death metal release of the year!

Check out a new track off of their Death Metal masterpiece “Worship The Grave entitled The Saviour’s Tombbelow.

Instead of cheaply rehashing the typical Sunlight sound, the guys opted for a modern and pumping production, courtesy of Woodshed Studios, that puts the spotlight on blasting beats, grinding grooves, and insidious melodies. We definitely want more! Worship The Grave will be released on June 24th via Napalm Records.

Pre-Orders are now available HERE.