Death Division – Angels of the Black Dawn, Part 1

13501766_1051905758236325_3818179106665744651_n  Many a band will attempt a sound that could very well land them on the radio with a more mainstream friendly sound, ergo nothing super heavy and the vocals moderately agreeable with a casual rock fan. Sometimes it works out and the band in question can have a very nice sound (depending on who you ask, naturally) and gain the group a bit of success if they’re lucky, but other times the band falls either flat on their faces or just short of the mark. Death Division fell just short for me with their latest hard rock EP “Angels of the Black Dawn, Part 1”. You can tell from the very get-go that these guys had a very specific sound in mind, and it’s like the kind I mentioned early where it’s more user friendly but they still try to incorporate a little bit of an edge to give the album a bit of a crunch. It’s a good formula that been tried countless times before, but sadly Death Division miss the mark only by the slightest as to me none of the five tracks that make “Angels of the Black Dawn” weren’t as entertaining as they possibly could’ve have been should their rhythms been tweaked a little bit or the sound made a bit lighter or heavier depending on the track. This piece also comes from a band that hasn’t been around for very long and while that sometimes doesn’t matter it definitely does in this case and it’s extremely evident to see that Death Division are still gathering experience and need more time before we can really expect something that’ll truly make some heads turn. That is for me, at least. But I do suppose that’s what the whole “part 1” part is for, and hopefully any subsequent follow ups will be nothing but improvement.

You can purchase “Angels of the Black Dawn, Part 1” via iTunes here, and stream it on Spotify here.

Track Listing:

  1. The Truth
  2. See You Never
  3. Run Away
  4. Dead Heroes
  5. In Loving Memory
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