Decorpsetated – Human Words Review

“Human Words” keep this album in mind. One of the albums that certainly showcases the most strange, but yet, effective mix. By the way, as my dear child if the night knows, I don’t really pay any attention to bands names and their meaning nor if they are related to the album or to the songs. So, for pure, just pure sick curiosity, decorpsetated means (of a sentient being) to have had one’s corpse violently and abruptly removed from their soul. This decorpsetated soul may never find its way without a vessel. While listening to the album and all its tracks, which, by the way, have a dark and funeral graspy vocals to connect all of them, I noticed that some of them may be included in this definition. I feel that some tracks have their soul abruptly taken by force especially the ones that use some kind of dancing music effects and grooves as “Taser Napkin” whose mix is everything by sweet and subtle – by the way, what the hell is a taser napkin?

Besides the Raw and Brutal Death Metal that connects all the tracks from the album, Decorpsetated made a hodgepodge of influences and mix aside the dancing music effects and grooves aforementioned. Tracks as album opener and tittle track “Human Words” and “To Cast a Shadow” show many features of it. Fast low tuned guitar riffings with speed of the light drumming are part of this repertoire. However, guitar overtones change all over the album as the tracks and the mixes need. That’s the haunting beauty of “Human Words” as an album. Interestingly, grand finale “Predatory” delivers some Hardcore inspired vocals as vocalist Marc Schultz spits the words as a machine gun. I have to say that hardcore was the influence that was missing to the album. An album like this one couldn’t live without any hardcore influence.

I have to say that to Decorpsetated the blend of Raw and Brutal Death Metal works just fine even though it’s something I really don’t appreciate. Tracks as “Cicatrixem” and its hollow sound of the snare drums make an interesting but bold connection. If the track weren’t Death Metal rawer, it would flunk miserably. But it doesn’t thanks to the funeral voice of vocalist Marc Schultz thought the grooves sometimes are really annoying. Sorry, I don’t well with dance music incorporated to Metal. The initial notes of “Undeniable” might deceive the fan, but soon enough the guitars take lead long enough to have an incomprehensible sonic mass of Death Metal with the dance music elements I’ve been talking about. The best thing of is “Undeniable” that in this sonic mass Death Metal prevails.

I can’t help it but to say that “Human Words” is one of the most interesting albums of this year. I know, I said it before, but 2023 keeps surprising me.

Decorpsetated “Human Words” will be self-released on March 31st.

Track Listing:

  1. Human Words
  2. Taser Napkin
  3. Cicatrixem
  4. The New You
  5. Undeniable
  6. Ambiguous
  7. Destructifiance
  8. Traitor
  9. To Cast a Shadow
  10. Predatory