DEE SNIDER: ‘I’m Not VINCE NEIL… I’m The Guy Who Can Put Together A Sentence’

Dee Snider Vince Neil

TWISTED SISTER‘s Dee Snider has released his first fictional novel, Frats, published by Red Penguin Books. In a recent feature in Fortune, Snider discusses his latest book and more.

As a songwriter, Snider developed an interest in writing when he created the script for the band’s 1984 hit video “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” The video depicts a father scolding his teenage son, who then transforms into Snider and humorously retaliates against his father.

“I started to teach myself how to write,” Dee said. “In 1984, everybody was out partying; I was in the dressing room or in the hotel working on writing. I’m not a singer who decided to write a book – or had someone write one for him. I’ve been labouring away, honing the craft.

“I’m not Vince Neil,” Snider said while taking a swipe at MÖTLEY CRÜE singer. “I’m the guy you saw in Washington [where he testified before the U.S. Senate defending heavy metal against allegations it was violent and dangerous for kids], a guy who can put together a sentence, and express himself.”

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