DISTURBED Fan Who Was Publicly Humiliated ‘Will Never Pay To See’ Band Again

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A DISTURBED fan who was publicly humiliated during the band’s show in Dallas, Texas last week, says she will “never pay to see him again nor will my friends.”

In an interview with Dallas ObserverShannon Pardue said that she texted the 14-year-old daughter who was home in Rendon in the middle of a hailstorm, after the main part of band’s show.

As the crowd began chanting “one more song,” Pardue began texting with her daughter, who had just returned home from youth night at their church with thunderstorms ravaging the area.

When Draiman and the rest of the band came onstage, the crowd started cheering, but Pardue was still conversing with her daughter in text messages when the DISTURBED frontman singled her out and the House of Blues spotlight fell upon them.

Pardue says she waved at first, and her husband, who was also a longtime fan, thought it was cool that Draiman, a rockstar who has sold hundreds of thousands of records and gained international fame, actually singled her out.

“So what is so important going on in the world that you need to be texting the entire f*cking show?” DISTURBED‘s David Draiman asked, in an episode that was captured on video and posted on YouTube (see below).

“I’m not wrong. Am I wrong?” Draiman asked Pardue. “If you were up here and I did that to you, how would you feel? Seriously! It is fu*cking rude. It is!”

Draiman then addressed the rest of the crowd. “Now she’s all pissed off,” he said. “She thinks that I did something wrong to her. I love it. Welcome to the age of the Internet, ladies and f*cking gentleman.”

“I looked down, and everybody was staring at me,” Pardue says. “Have you ever seen a movie where a dorky kid is standing there and 20 bullies are making fun of him, making him feel alienated? That’s what happened to me.”

Pardue just sat there and let Draiman unload on her from the stage, ranting like an old bald teacher who’s just f*cking fed up with students using their cellphones in class. As soon as he started singing for the encore, she got up and left with her husband following close behind. On the way home, she told her husband that she was never going to a rock show again. Many other fans would later voice their support on social media, as well.

It took her a few days to get over the incident, but she’s still bothered by Draiman’s public shaming.

“Rock stars wouldn’t be where they are without people who come to pay for the show,” Pardue says. “Whether I had my eyes on him or not, I am still there and I can hear them. He’s an amazing singer, and they were good, but it was just his attitude. I’ll never pay to see him again nor will my friends.”