EMPTINESS Enter Studio For Upcoming Album

Emptiness band

Belgian dark metal outfit EMPTINESS are currently in studio for the recordings of their brand new full length, which will be released via Season of Mist later this year. The album will be produced by vocalist/bass player Jérémie Bézier, who is trying to create something authentic and avoid all external energies. The tracking mostly happenens during  the Belgian lockdown, in his appartement and rooftop 7th floor in Brussels.

The new offering will be the follow up of the, in 2017 released, album Not For Music.

Founded in Europe’s centre of gravity, Brussels, Belgium in the year 1998, EMPTINESS embarked on their musical journey with a burning vision to delve deep into darkness and horror. While the band was taking musical inspiration from different extreme styles such as black and death metal, the Belgians approached them in an open minded manner of continuous experimentation.