Ex-JAY WEINBERG Bandmate Calls SLIPKNOT Firing ‘Poetic Justice’

Jay Weinberg Live Wacken

Ex-SLIPKNOT drummer Jay Weinberg has been let go from the band, prompting a response from his former bandmate Laura Jane Grace.

Grace criticized Weinberg‘s firing, citing their previous strained relationship when he left their band AGAINST ME! without direct communication. Weinberg expressed feeling “heartbroken and blindsided” by SLIPKNOT‘s decision.

She responded to the news of Jay Weinberg‘s departure from the band by calling it “poetic justice,” in a quote tweet from Rolling Stone magazine. She followed up with a tweet, expressing her dissatisfaction at how Weinberg found out about his firing, saying, “Oh does it suck to find out via Twitter little b*tch boy,” before deleting the original tweet.

Weinberg and Grace‘s relationship turned sour following Weinberg‘s departure from AGAINST ME! in 2012, which he announced on social media, exacerbating the tension between the. Grace has openly criticized Weinberg on social media, accusing him of entitlement and unprofessional behavior. Furthermore, when Weinberg joined SLIPKNOT in 2014, Grace publicly expressed her disapproval by calling him a “Sh*tbag” on social media.

In 2010, Weinberg had a contentious departure from MADBALL after a short tenure with the band. Frontman Freddy Cricien publicly criticized the drummer, calling out his character in the process.

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