Ex-LOSTPROPHETS Vocalist IAN WATKINS Stabbed In Prison

Ian Watkins

Ian Watkins, the infamous former lead vocalist of the band LOSTPROPHETS, experienced a violent attack while serving his prison term at HMP Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Watkins, convicted of horrendous child sexual abuse crimes, was reportedly stabbed by fellow inmates, resulting in multiple injuries.

This shocking incident occurred while Watkins is in the middle of serving a 29-year sentence for his abominable offenses. The former rock star plummeted from grace after his conviction for a range of sex crimes, including the attempted rape of a fan’s baby.

The prison administration has confirmed that Watkins‘ injuries were severe, but varied reports have emerged, indicating the wounds to be both “life-threatening” and “not life-threatening.” Following the incident, Watkins was hospitalized, and the prison service has launched an investigation into the matter.

A source told The Sun: “Watkins was attacked today by three pretty heavy-duty cons. They got hold of him on B-wing and dragged him into a cell where they roughed him up and barricaded themselves in. He was screaming and was obviously terrified and in fear of his life. They put the whole wing on lockdown and then sent in riot teams. Other prisoners heard three loud flash bangs which was when the officers got into the cell and threw grenades to stun the attackers and take them by surprise. It seems like the prison officers might have saved his life.

Watkins is obviously unpopular because of who he is — and has been walking around with a huge target on his back.

“They got him on a Saturday, which is generally quieter with less staff on and it seems to have been planned.

“People heard that he was in a bad way when he came out but will probably survive.

“He was taken to Leeds and was still in hospital.”

This incident follows a previous event where Watkins received an additional 10-month sentence for possessing a mobile phone within the prison premises, which he alleged was forced upon him by other inmates.