FALLING IN REVERSE Shares Cover Of PAPA ROACH’s ‘Last Resort’

Falling In Reverse Last Resort

After their debut show at Madison Square Garden in New York City, FALLING IN REVERSE has now released their version of PAPA ROACH‘s “Last Resort.” You can check out the music video for “Last Resort (Reimagined)” below.

FALLING IN REVERSE frontman Ronnie Radke says: “I wanted to reimagine one of the biggest rock songs of the last 20 years, because lyrically, it is so powerful and resonates. I got the blessing from [PAPA ROACH singer] Jacoby [Shaddix] and I think that PAPA ROACH are one of the nicest, humble, and most down-to-earth bands to date and it inspires me to keep going, since they have been so successful for so many years. This is me paying homage in the best way I know how.”

FALLING IN REVERSE‘s “The Popular Monstour” kicks off today with ICE NINE KILLS joining them as special guests. The tour will feature other notable guests like UNDEROATH, SLAUGHTER TO PREVAIL, CROWN THE EMPIRE, and CATCH YOUR BREATH on select dates. Fans can expect a night of hard rock and excitement as the tour makes its way through different cities.