Frosthelm – The Endless Winter

PromoImage (11)  When you hear the phrase “black metal” from now on I want the first thing to come into everybody’s mind is Frosthelm’s glorious new album, “The Endless Winter”. This album has everything you could ever want or need from a black metal band: ripping guitars, thrashing drums, insane vocals, and a pace and tone that makes you want to go out and punch some asshole in the face. Then there’s an awesome cover art to add to that, but I don’t even know what to call that thing except f**king awesome because it shows off the brutal intensity that Frosthelm brings in each and every song. “The Endless Winter” also showcases Frosthelm’s ability to slow down and bring a different sound with an acoustic guitar in three different songs including the opening and closing tracks. The opening track, “Glacial Eons”, begins with a piano combined with an acoustic guitar to create a real somber feel only to be ripped to shreds by enraged guitars breaking through the scene to make the track the perfect opening instrumental song for “The Endless Winter”. Then the closing track, “Silent and Dark, The Everlasting Sky”, proceeds with insane guitars, vocals, and drums but then concludes with an acoustic guitar after the lyrics “this is the end” which I find very appropriate with them being said at the end of the final track off of the album. “The Endless Winter” is an absolute must if you are any sort of black/thrash metal fan because if so then Frosthelm has made everything you could ever need in an album, and it will make you s**t your pants as much as I did mine.

You can stream the music video for “Silent and Dark, The Everlasting Sky” via YouTube below, stream “The Endless Winter” via Spotify here, and then purchase the album via iTunes here.

Track Listing:

  1. Glacial Eons
  2. A Storm of Teeth
  3. Forlorn Tides
  4. A Tomb of Sordid Ruin
  5. Beneath Dead Horizons
  6. The Endless Winter
  7. Hell Between Us
  8. The Dragon
  9. Silent and Dark, The Everlasting Sky