GARY HOLT Says He’s Ready To Write Music For New SLAYER Album

Gary Holt stated: “I’ve played in the band long enough to where I think I have a good enough insight into how a Slayer song goes versus an Exodus song.

Gary Holt said he feels prepared to give his contributions to SLAYER‘s songwriting process, telling UG interviewer Justin Beckner:

“I’m certainly well prepared to do it.

“I get a lot of people saying, ‘Oh yeah he plays for Exodus, but can he write a Slayer song?’

“You know, quite often the difference between an Exodus song and a Slayer song is just note selection. It’s all thrash metal.

“You can differentiate the subtleties like Kreator is more melodic than Exodus and Slayer is more chromatic.

“I’ve played in the band long enough to where I think I have a good enough insight into how a slayer song goes versus an Exodus song.

“So I’m ready to go if and when the time arrives.”

Asked about the stage setup differences between SLAYER and EXODUS, Gary replied:

“It’s two totally different things.

“I have a primary Exodus rig which is all Engl Savage 120s hardwired into GCX ground control unit with some various pedals that change all the time and I have TC Electronics G Major and a bunch of stuff. It’s quite large.

“So sometimes with Exodus I just use my Kemper rig which is a stereo 100-watt a side Marshall tube power amp and the Kemper. Then I use the FXconnectx wireless pedal board system which is f**king awesome – it works flawlessly and I can have a few boards scattered around the stage.

“It’s a tiny little rack too. So if were out with a band that carries a ton of production and they’re going to eat up s**t tons of stage space, I’ll just take the Kemper rig because its so much smaller. But if were headlining I’ll take the big amp rack.”

Recently Gary told UG that Kirk Hammett from METALLICA taught him how to play guitar. You can read the full interview here.