GEEZER BUTLER Says The Reason He Doesn’t Speak With OZZY OSBOURNE Is Their Wives

Ozzy Osbourne Geezer Butler

According to Geezer Butler‘s new memoir, Into the Void, he and Ozzy Osbourne no longer communicate, despite BLACK SABBATH‘s amicable split after their final concert in 2017.

The root of the issue lies in a disagreement between their wives, Gloria Butler and Sharon Osbourne. However, Geezer emphasizes that there is no animosity between him and Ozzy and that they still feel like brothers, even if they are not as close as they once were.

In a new interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Butler was asked if he believes that there is a possibility for the communication lines to reopen at some point, to which he responded: “I very much doubt it. We didn’t fall out; it was the wives.”

In the book, Geezer wrote about Ozzy: “Me and Ozzy are fine, it’s just that we’re both ruled by our wives. He’s got a big heart and was always there for me.”

While Ozzy and Sharon are getting ready to return to the UK after spending several decades in California, Butler and his wife Gloria divide their time between Utah and Henderson, Nevada.