GHOST’s TOBIAS FORGE Says He’s ‘Allergic’ To Nu-Metal

Tobias Forge Nu Metal

In a new interview with Metal Injection, GHOST mastermind Tobias Forge says that he’s “allergic” to nu metal, and “anything that suggests” it.

While talking a bit about his metal influences, and why he doesn’t prefer most contemporary heavy music,” Tobias said: “A band that I don’t think gets mentioned a lot that’s definitely up my sleeve in terms of what I like would be NEGATIVE PLANE. Obviously an old band that sort of went a little bit through a resurgence a few years ago was GORGUTS. Their Colored Sands record was really cool.

“My taste is very old school,” he continued. “Ever since like ’94 when nu-metal started to really show its face, I’ve been allergic to anything that suggests nü-metal and unfortunately that has been like the everlasting genre from like ’94 to today.

“The bands that I like are usually bands that sound like an ’87 sort of death metal band. Unfortunately. I hate to be negative. But I like a lot of other music. I like a lot of different rock. I’m more open when it comes to that. But when it comes to extreme metal I sort of cap it at ’93 and ’94. After that, everything else is just sh*t.”

GHOST‘s upcoming album, Impera will be released on March 11 via Loma Vista/Concord. Album can be pre-ordered via Amazon here.

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