GRAVEWARDS Release First Song ‘Sworn In Denial – Omega Syndrome’ From Upcoming Album

Following a well-liked but under-heard demo, Greek death metal band GRAVEWARDS are back with their full-length debut.

“Ruinous Ensoulment” is a monstrous record – dizzyingly technical riffs alternating with melodic-yet-brutal passages that leave a mark long after the last riff has blown through. With a basically old school sensibility but following no particular one or two influences, GRAVEWARDS is death metal at its modern best: calling back to the originators of the genre, yet finding their own particular way forward from there.

Now you can hear first song “Sworn In Denial – Omega Syndrome” from “Ruinous Ensoulment” below:

“Ruinous Ensoulment” comes out this August via Unspeakable Axe Records.