GRETA VAN FLEET Frontman JOSH KISZKA Reveals Same-Sex Relationship And Stands Up For LGBTQ+ Rights

Josh Kiszka

GRETA VAN FLEET frontman Josh Kiszka revealed his same-sex relationship in a social media post on Tuesday, advocating for LGBTQ+ rights in Tennessee, where he resides. Kiszka emphasized the significance of vocalizing support for LGBTQ+ legislation in the state, which is currently considering bills that threaten LGBTQ+ rights. The musician also called on the public to support dedicated organizations fighting for LGBTQ+ rights in Tennessee and beyond.”

He wrote in a post on his Instagram page: “Where I’ve settled a home in Tennessee, legislators are proposing bills that threaten the freedom of love. It’s imperative that I speak my truth for not only myself, but in hopes to change hearts, minds, and laws in Tennessee and beyond.

“These issues are especially close to my heart as I’ve been in a loving, same-sex relationship with my partner for the past 8 years. Those close to me are well aware, but it’s important to me to share publicly.

“Over the years, the outpouring of love for the LGBTQ+ community has been resounding, but there is still work to be done for LGBTQ+ rights in TN, the nation, and the world. In response to the exceptional support from my last post, I wanted to share how we can all continue to advocate for this valiant cause. Here are some organizations doing great work:



“The LGBTQ+ community is a cultural pillar, constantly championing positivity and acceptance through art, music, literature, film, and most importantly, legislation.

“The greatest mortal gift of all is our capacity to love and as we travel through time, may our greater understanding of the matter around and within us teach us to love ever deeper.”