GUNS N’ ROSES’ Show At GLASTONBURY Called Festival’s ‘Worst Headline Set In History’ (Video)

Guns N' Roses Glastonbury

Last night, Dave Grohl graced the stage with GUNS N’ ROSES at the Glastonbury festival in the United Kingdom. The band’s set was concluded with a performance of their closing song, “Paradise City,” with Grohl‘s impressive contribution.

N’R frontman Axl Rose said while introducing Grohl: “There’s never such a thing as too many guitars.”

After Dave Grohl generously loaned his throne to Axl Rose when the GUNS N’ ROSES frontman injured his leg before their reunion tour, the FOO FIGHTERS and GUNS N’ ROSES have performed together on multiple occasions, most recently at the 2021 BottleRock Music Festival.

During their performance on the main Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury, GUNS N’ ROSES played a 24-song set that lasted for over two hours. The band performed their latest singles, “Absurd” and “Hard Skool,” among their other hits.

According to Mark Beaumont of the U.K.’s Independent, GUNS N’ ROSES‘ performance at Glastonbury is the worst headline set in Glastonbury history. Beaumont specifically points out lead singer Axl Rose as the band’s “fatal flaw.” Beaumont‘s criticism centers on Rose‘s voice, which he describes as sounding like a caricature of hard rock, like something out of the Muppet Show. To emphasize the point, Beaumont quips that if Rose‘s voice were taken to a vet, it would come home in a cardboard box.