GUNS-N-ROSES To Charge 2500 Bucks For VIP Tickets


When I initially saw this headline I thought to myself, “What dumbass would pay 2500 bucks to meet Axl knowing he probably wont show up?” The more I read, the more I laughed. For that price you get a tour of backstage (absent band), a gift basket full of signed and numbered s**t you didn’t see them sign, some cocktails ,a buffet, and a picture with the band (Probably Duff and Slash because they generally show up and actually play), and seats in the first ten rows.

Here’s to the promoters for making sure folks who fork over the money get exactly what is listed and making sure that Axl going apes**t and not showing won’t get them sued and they can keep the money.

I don’t think I would give the change in my front pocket to piss on Axl‘s shoe…