H And H – L’etendard

I confess that I’m not used to listen to songs in French. But H And H “L’etendard” sounds so nice that one couldn’t care about the language. It’ s a very hard work to fit languages other than English into metal songs. Sometimes lyrics are not apropriate to the singing structure, that makes the song sounds funny. H And H “L’etendard” solved that problem. Some songs sound better than the others, but in general, the outcome is great.

The greatest charm of “L’etendard” is that although the songs are very written and built, the naive guitar solos in some moments drive the attention. Some phrases are of such a simplicity that naive is the word that fits better. And to us, heavy metallers that is really charming. If H And H had stayed a bit longer in the Metal world, they would have got a better luck. “L’etendard” is the produt of a band that were in musical progress. We can tell that by the songs evolution.

“L’etendard” is a compilation of all material that H And H recorded during their short life. And maybe that’s why some songs are a bit different throughout “L’etendard. The opening track “L’etendard” is very different from “Pour l’ Honneur De Satan.” BTW, only “L’etendard” and “Echec Au Roi” were officially recorded for their 7″ single. All the other are demo recordings that were remastered and partially restored by the producer Bart Gabriel. H And H were a very solid and tenacious band, all songs follow a certain songwriting criteria, except for “Heavy Rock” that stands out from the others, being very AC/DC’s “Rocker.”

So H And H “L’etendard” is a very charming effort.

Track Listing:

  1. L’Etendard
  2. Echec Au Roi
  3. Intro
  4. Fils De l’ Enfer
  5. Les Eaux Du Desespoir
  6. Slow Of Hope
  7. Les Machoires d’Acier
  8. Vengeance
  9. Virus
  10. Un Ange En Enfer
  11. Pas De Chance
  12. Pour l’ Honneur De Satan
  13. Heavy Rock

You can listen to the title track “L’etendard” here:

You can also listen to H And H on Souncloud.