Hatesphere – Hatred Reborn Review

One of the best things of working here with Metal Addicts is to be able to listen to top notch Metal music in all senses. Here we’ve got Hatesphere, which besides the coolest band name of all, deliver my child of the night a sick album called “Hatred Reborn,” which, by the way, is a very sick album tittle as well. My dear fan will have a pretty good notion of what is coming with the sickiest version of Scorpions “Another Piece of Meat.” The most unsual thing about it is that I only understood that it was it when the chorus came because the version recorded here is totally dissimilar to the original. I mean, it’s another totally different song. Maybe, just maybe, it’s the track that most represents the album to some extent. Here Hatesphere turn “Another Piece of Meat” to their own piece. That means a hodgepodge of Extreme Metal styles with hardcore and even some modern Metal. I particularly liked the ferocity the track delivers.

“Hatred Reborn” welcomes the fan with an acoustic track that doesn’t fit to anything the band will showcase later in the album. I don’t mean the track isn’t good, it is. The thing is that it’s more likely near Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” acoustic than Hatesphere style. I call this kind of track as deceiving because they lead the fan to an impression that won’t be found in the album. 1980’s Metal used to deliver many of them most particularly theat band that I refuse to the say the name. Well, to some extent, the track with its tittle “The Awakening” represents what is to come. And what came is some sort of mix of all extreme Metal styles and traits. Hatesphere do justice to their name and the album is full of the filthiest songs ever recorded for this year long – hey, it’s only March. The grand finale is the best possible with an alive track called “The Fallen Shall Rise in a River of Blood” which shows how well the band can handle an alive audience. Here and there the fan will notice some hidden treasures in the tracks. They are some instrumentals that go out of the extraordinary and border the ingenuity. It’s hard to say that those parts are the ones where Hatesphere get near that band that I refuse to say the name. Well, this band was great back then before selling their souls.

This is agreat album to my dear chld of the night get along with the top notch features that some Metal bands are displaying. The unsual mix Hatesphere do here is so worth the while. “Hatred Reborn” is an album that will be for sure with the best of the year. By the way, this year is, again, proving to be great.

Hatesphere “Hatred Reborn” will be released on March 24th via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Awakening
  2. Hatred Reborn
  3. Cutthroat
  4. Gravedigger
  5. 918
  6. Darkspawn
  7. The Truest Form of Pain
  8. Brand of Sacrifice
  9. A Violent Compulsion
  10. Spitting Teeth
  11. Another Piece of Meat
  12. The Fallen Shall Rise in a River of Blood

Watch “Cutthroat” official video here: