HEAVY FEATHER Climb the ‘Mountain of Sugar’

Swedish roots rock band Heavy Feather bring a retro feel with blues influences to the rock scene. Their first album, “Débris & Rubble, was released in 2019 and they’re already back ith the upcoming release “Mountain of Sugar,” out everywhere in spring 2021. “Bands like Cream, Coven, Led Zeppelin, among others are the roots of Metal music. To modern listeners Heavy Feather may sound outdated, but make no mistake, theyaren’t the ast, they are the future.“//MetalAddicts, UK

There is no lack of new upcoming bands doing the retro rock type of music today, but what many of them forget is to bring their own updated spirit into it. Heavy Feather is the band that can create the perfect mix of old and new and still produce something innovative and different with their music.

Matte, Lisa, Ola & Morgan all started with the same love for the British group Free and the goal to create their own version of it; mixing that bluesy rock with high volume, improvisations and busy drums and basses. They did their first jam together in 2017 and after that there was no return. Heavy Feather are based in Stockholm and all four members come from a background of touring together with band such as Siena Root, Stace Collins and Diamond dogs. Singer Lisa Lystam has previously made her name well-known within the Swedish blues- and roots-scene, gaining recognition with her Lisa Lystam Family Band. Forget those lyrics about Satan and darkness – Heavy Feather put their own experiences into their songwriting and keep it organic and true, just like the 60´s super groups did.

The band picks their influences from the greats of the 60’s and 70’s (Free, Cream and Lynyrd Skynyrd) whilst, with this as their solid ground, also managing to create their very own style. Their debut album was released in April 2019 and was followed by tours throughout Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Spain. The band’s second album, Mountain of sugar, will be released in early 2021; heavier than ever.

Heavy Feather give you that late 60s and early 70s rock vibe that will bring you back in time, yet still give you hope about the future in rock.

Heavy Feather are:
Lisa Lystam – Vocals
Matte Gustafsson – Guitars
Ola Göransson – Drums
Morgan Korsmoe – Bass

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