Heron – Time Immemorial

Here’s a very interesting album, but the fan has to be very patient in the beginning because the song takes a long, but a real long to go for it. I almost gave up while listening to the instrumental intro to “Long in the Tooth.” It is very long and repetitive. Then I remembered that I always give bands how many chances they deserve and I had a grateful surprise with Heron and “Time Immemorial.” In their own way, Heron managed to overcome the repetitive formula that Doom Metal sometimes obliges the bands by adding vibrating elements to it. “Time Immemorial” subverts the order managing to bounce the use of the formula with so fresh ingredients that the outcome is very tasty.

As I said before, the two minutes and thirty five seconds intro to “Long in the Tooth” may be skipped by the fan with no heavy heart. The fan can cut the chase and go straight ahead to the second minute of it just to take hold of what it’s happening. Heron desired to show a time immemorial regarding to the cd title, but they forgot that it doesn’t have to be so immemorial. Musicwise, the band uses low-tuned bass guitars with lots of distortion giving an ethereal effect when played that slow as they do. Guitars are also low-tuned, but with less distortion. Doom metallers will love this track especially the cavernous and raspy vocals. The effect is a slow and shoegazed Death Metal with all the heavyness and aggression needed. From then on, “Time Immemorial” goes into a metamorphosis. Following tracks have a totally different cadence and mood. “Death on the Malahat” makes the fan forget that it is a Doom Metal band due to its powerful and martial tempo. The low-tuned effect of the chords helps giving the music a much more heavy feeling. Its end if with a speed up tempo almost the speed of light ot Doom standards. The full of effects bass does the introduction to “Boiling Ancient Light” giving the bridge to a martial drumming. The outcome is hypnotizing. The fan feels the stunning and vertiginous effect right away. The end has also a surprising speed up tempo. This time really with a really fast drumming that is highlighted by the tempo-spaced guitars. The last minute is epic with the guitar making some ethereal effects that give the song a very delicate texture. Amazing track.

“Time Immemorial” may please all Metal subgenres fans with its variety and diversity. Of course, in a doomy way. The fan will notice the blood dripping slowly and then immemorial.

Heron “Time Immemorial” will be released on May 15th via Sludgelord Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Long in the Tooth
  2. Death on the Malahat
  3. Boiling Ancient Light
  4. Void Eater
  5. Wolverine Blues
  6. Endless

Watch “Void Eater” official lyric video here: