High Spirits – Escape

Ah, the good and old hard rock! Exciting, breathtaking, melodious, and heavy! That’s all the thrills you get listening to High Spirits “Escape.” With a hidden, and not intented, I guess, dash of punk rock in “Feels Like Rock And Roll.” There’s also room for experimental riffing in “Lonely Nights,” in which some chords seem, just seem, to be almost out of tune. That’s the effect of distortion in some minor chords. The effect, though, is great.

The title, and opening track, “Escape” is really breathtaking. The NWOBHM style drumming are unstopable giving the pace and rythim needed. The opening guitar riff works very well and introduces a fast and thrilling tune that goes on. “Escape” really makes you bang your head hard. And the chorus highlights the song.

Unfortunately, “Escape” is only four tracks. But it’s a good display of what High Spirits is all about. High Spirits are a band of colorful, exciting and thrilling music with high doses of adrenaline and pulsating beats. The drumming is responsable for most of the vibratation, but it’s not only that. Lyrics are also a highlight on telling stories like “Stagefright,” which tells the band relation with the stage. Only who has been on stage knows what they mean, and that’s the pure truth. The moments before entering the stage seem to last forever, but once you are on stage the magic happens. High Spirits “Escape” makes magic happens. No one can deny that being on stage is a magical moment. High Spirits “Escape” is highly indicated to headbangers who haven’t lost the view from magic. The intent is not to loose it.

Track Listing:

  1. Escape
  2. Stagefright
  3. Feels Like Rock and Roll
  4. Lonely Nights

High Spirits “Escape” will ascend on September 8th via High Roller Records.

You can wacth High Spirits alive here.