Hotel Room Of WE CAME AS ROMANS’s Guitarist Robbed, Thief Falls From Fifth Floor In Escape Attempt

We Came As Romans Hotel Room Broken Into

In the midst of the Australian leg of their tour, the metalcore band WE CAME AS ROMANS faced an unexpected and startling incident. Their guitarist, Josh Moore, found himself the victim of a daring break-in at his hotel room in Adelaide. This incident, which left the band and their fans shaken, occurred when a 37-year-old man decided to break into Moore‘s room.

The audacious intruder didn’t stop at merely breaking into the room. He went on to lock Moore out and barricade himself inside the room, effectively turning the hotel room into his temporary fortress. The band’s sense of security was severely shaken as they found themselves powerless against the audacious actions of the intruder.

The thief proceeded to rummage through Moore’s personal belongings, pilfering items of interest. Among the stolen items were Moore’s passport and his hat, items of significant personal and practical value.

However, it was the intruder’s desperate attempt to escape that truly shocked everyone involved. In a reckless bid to avoid capture, the thief jumped from the fifth-floor window, plummeting five stories below. In what can only be described as a shocking stroke of luck, the man survived the potentially fatal fall.

The intruder was immediately taken to the hospital due to the injuries sustained from his fall. The band members reassured their fans regarding their safety and continued their tour.

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